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youth advisory committee


The purpose of the Intercultural Youth Advisory Committee (IYAC) is to ensure the Multicultural Youth Support Services (MYSS) service provision is youth friendly and relevant to young people who identify as being African and live in the South-East Melbourne Region. 

The IYAC is an advisory committee of the Board of the MYSS (Board) and provide direction and input into the development of the service. 
This ensures young people have a voice about current health issues, youth participation activities and community awareness events. 


The IYAC has two main roles:  

to participate in iyac activities by:

Regularly attending IYAC meetings.

Responding to emails and requests for input and feedback. 

Actively participating and contributing at meetings. 

Providing input that ensures MYSS is a youth-friendly service. 

to support the
myss by:

Identifying barriers and finding new, creative ways of engaging with young people. This will include having particular regard to appropriately engaging young people who identify with an African background, and who live in the Southeast Melbourne region.

Providing written and verbal responses into youth engagement activities and discussion topics.

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