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MYSS provides trauma-Informed practice working with individuals, families and communities from African backgrounds.

Build the capacity of parents from our target cohort to support each other and positive outcomes for their children, through improving health literacy, intergenerational understanding and understanding how trauma from their refugee journey can impact their children and develop young people’s resilience, engagement, participation and mental health outcomes, by working with young people and responding to their needs. Such support will take note of language, family values, cultural traditions and the expectations of young people growing-up in a broader Australian community.




Support parents from target cohort who have experienced the trauma of a refugee journey.

Group-based psycho-social education regarding trauma using qualified trainers, including intergenerational impacts.

Facilitate a group with parents for peer support, social activities and networking

Refer parents to specialised support services.

Improve knowledge about trauma responses and how to access help. This will be covered through targeted 6 community sessions.

The creation of a peer support group.

The development of documented referral pathways that are actively promoted in the local community.

Support parents who have young people with AOD addiction

Develop group sessions specifically for parents with this experience, including qualified and culturally-competent trainers, on adolescence, AOD and how to effectively help an affected person. Group will also develop peer-support.

Improved knowledge about adolescence, AOD and support through targeted 6 community sessions.

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